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Top Ten Tuesday - Books On My Fall TBR List

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With the moody way that I tend to read, everything could be on my Fall TBR... But, if I was making a list and actually following it, these would be the books I would like to get to!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Music Munday - Idina Menzel (Week 1)

Not really happy with this icon, but everything I used to use on Canva costs money now. :(
I am not someone that really pays attention to music, but way back in 2009 I used to do a Music Munday feature and I thought I would bring it back... We will see if I can think of enough to post about to make it a regular thing! The reason I am thinking about music today is because I decided to try out Idina Menzel's new CD. I know that she is very popular for Frozen, but I loved her in Rent and have kept my eye on her over the years. While her new CD is not my typical music, I did like it overall and enjoyed a couple of the songs.

The two I thought I would share are these:

And, if you have never seen her in Rent, check out this video!

(If anyone is bored and better at graphics than me, can you make me a nicer one? lol)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week in Review - Week 39

Random Thoughts

Okay, folks. I blogged everyday this week but Monday! When does that ever happen? Yes, they were not reviews and were mostly just pictures and answering questions I found online, but, still.... Blogged 6 out of 7 days. We will see if that ever happens again. I guess the secret is to work on a blog post a bit every day so then you get ahead and it is not so overwhelming! Like, this post... I started it on Wednesday instead of throwing it together in a rush on Sunday. I am still pretty happy that I have posted this Week in Review post every Sunday for 39 weeks now. That is pretty consistent blogging for me after years of sporadic posts. Who knows, maybe I will even start reviewing books again... Or, not. We will see where I head. I go through periods where I consider just deleting my blog, but in the end I stick it out!

In other news, Litsy is available for Android now, so you can add me if you like! I am bookishnerd on there.

Graphic Novel Year

Batgirl - Volume 3: Mindfields

Currently Reading

Not sure... Haven't had a chance to start anything new!


(I think, anyway. I haven't had a chance to start a new audio yet.)

Weekly Reads

Batgirl - Volume 3: Mindfields ~ A new edition in the Batgirl series that continues to be fun. I really enjoy this interpretation of Batgirl and all of the characters that are included in her adventures. Cameron Stewart does a great job with the writing and the art is really well done. If you haven't tried this series and like this type of thing, worth checking out! Recommended!

The Bone Knife ~ Since I have Scribd back again, I have been exploring titles in my library. I have been meaning to read Intisar Khanani for ages and just never got around to her... Until now! This was only a short story, but it was unlimited on Scribd and a good way to try her writing. It really is as good as people say, even in this short form, and I am so glad I finally gave her a try! I am pretty sure between Scribd and my e-books, I have most of her books. So, hopefully will enjoy her other stuff, too! Recommended!

The Rook ~ I really liked this audio production of Daniel O'Malley's novel. I think the narrator fit the main character perfectly and captured the overall personality of her. I have heard the buzz around this book, but actually had no idea what the story was about. It turns out it is a supernatural society that fits perfectly with this time of year. I have heard the sequel is not quite as good, but I probably will check it out sooner rather than later. Recommended!

Where Am I Now? ~ I had originally planned to read this in paperback, but I had an Audible credit and decided to see what it was like in audio. I really rarely read celebrity memoirs, but Mara Wilson is one actress that I watched in her famous days and was curious where she was now. The book is a collection of essays narrated by her and while it was not amazing, I did really like it. I was not surprised when one whole essay was about Robin Williams. She also talked about her early life, current life, struggles, etc. Her life was pretty normal! Recommended!
Sunbolt ~ I am so proud of myself. Two books by the same author in one week! I think I should keep the momentum going and read the sequel to this next... It's on Scribd. I really like her books so far and finally get why everyone was recommending them! This was a novella, but I believe the sequel is a full-length novel. I haven't had a chance to check as I just finished this last night. Great cover art, too! Recommended!

New Additions

Nothing this week...

Weekly Posts

Week in Review - Week 38
Wordless Wednesday - Take 1
Birthday Books ~ The 2016 Edition
Book Blogger Hop - Take 1
Saturday Snapshot - Take 2

Weekly Pictures

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - Take 2

Despite the fact that this dog rarely looks at the camera, I really like this shot of him and the start of fall behind him.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Blogger Hop - Take 1

Question: How many years have you been blogging? Anything special you want to tell everyone about your experiences?

Answer: In December I celebrate my 11th Blogging Anniversary. (I had a Live Journal before that, but I don't count it). I started blogging because an online friend got into in November. Book blogging was still a relatively new thing back then. Then, it sort of exploded. It is hard to believe what has changed in that time. I remember when I first started getting offered review copies of books. I was so excited! This was before e-readers were popular, or maybe even invented... (I was a bit slow to e-readers, so I can't remember when they launched). It was before Netgalley, Twitter, and Instagram. There was Facebook, though, but social media was just in its infancy. And, now... I find the blogging world can get kind of overwhelming. I try to stick to my quiet little corner and I don't branch out like I used to. I rarely accept review copies any more and most of my book blogging is a Sunday post where I tell what I read that week. My blog has changed a lot from the one that I started, but I like how it has changed. I still read, but I have developed many other interests that I like to talk about. And, my blogging ebbs and flows, but that's life...

How long have you been blogging? What are your thoughts on it?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Birthday Books ~ The 2016 Version

I was trying to think of something to blog about and I got to thinking I used to share my birthday books around this time of the year in the past. My birthday is not until October, but I always pick some books I am excited about as a gift either to myself or sometimes someone else is interested in buying me books. This year they will be a gift! But, I picked them out so I all ready know what will be arriving...

I have been trying to be good and not buy any colouring books because I have so many now, but this one has been on my wish list forever and I always end up taking it off in place of something else. I figured now was the time to order it, so I hope I enjoy it. I have always looked for it in bookstores to see all of the inside and it is not one that ever seems to be in stock. At least it has a great cover!

I read this as an e-galley when it first came out and have always wanted a copy for rereading purposes. I still have not read the follow-up, so decided that since rereading has been going relatively well for me so far this year, it was time to get to the sequel after rereading this one.

I had this preordered but cancelled it because I still have not read Winter. That has not changed, but I would like to finish off this series before starting her new series. So, hopefully I can find time as the year ends to read this and Winter.

I recently read a review of this and it sounds like a 'me' book. So, after being indecisive for like an hour, this is the one that I ended up finishing up my splurge with. There were a few other books on my list that I had wanted to get, but either the prices were crazy (books have got sooo expensive) or I just wasn't sure about what I wanted to do about the series (like Shutter, didn't really enjoy the recent volume so not sure if I want to continue the series...).

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten Eleven Audiobooks I Have Enjoyed in 2016

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I did so well making my list. Then just as I was finishing up, I noticed The Miniaturist was missing and I couldn't decide what to remove to take its place. So, 11 it is. Let's not count how close this is to how many audios I have listened to total for 2016. Let's just applaud I listened to enough that I can make a list of my top ten eleven.

1. | Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan ~ I have been meaning to try Sullivan forever and finally started off with his new series. It was a really good fantasy novel that weaves mythology and a bit of the quest narrative and other elements together to make for a very readable adventure. I can't wait for the sequel!

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Tim Gerard Richards - The audio was very well done. I love Richards voice and am thinking of back-tracking through Sullivan's other books via audio because he narrates them as well. Definitely does a good job with the different characters and getting you caught up in the story.

2. | Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor ~ This is one I had grabbed on sale at some point and I just loved it! The young adult trilogies that are popular can be hit or miss for me, but I have also read book 2 and continue to think this trilogy is awesome. It really takes a play at the story of angels and demons and is done really well. One of my favourite reads of the year!

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Khristine Hvam - I loved the narration on this one so much. I listened to it before I had reactivated my Audible membership, so I bought the two sequels in paperback. While I enjoyed the second one, I was disappointed that I didn't go the audio route. I think I may splurge and read book 3 on audio before the end of the year to finish up the trilogy. Khristine Hvam just does such a great job with this one!

3. | Feed by Mira Grant ~ Finally! I have wanted to read this trilogy forever and just never got around to it. It was a really great, nerdy zombie tale that I enjoyed a lot. I am glad I finally got around to reading it! The sequels were great, too. Grant does an awesome job making you care about all of the characters and what happens to them.

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Paula Christensen and Jesse Bernstein - The two narrators of this book did a great job. Christensen did the majority of the narration and I really got into her as Georgia. She did well narrating the other characters that had smaller roles as well. Bernstein did Shaun, who had a smaller role in this one than he does in the sequels. The sequels were also really good, but I think this was my favourite.

4. | Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez ~ I loved the graphic novels, so I definitely had to check out this audio adaption. I only just read it recently because I figured it was a great idea for this time of year. The series is about a family who has unfortunate circumstances that lead them back to their father's family home. It is dark and twisted and definitely a page turner.

Thoughts on the Audio: This is a full cast performance that includes Haley Joel Osment, Kate Mulgrew, Tatiana Maslany, and a bunch of other people. It was really well done and everyone did a great job. I have done other full cast audios, but this was my first dramatic one and considering I knew what to expect from the story, I thought they did an awesome job!

5. | Nevernight by Jay Kristoff ~ Yep, I loved this series with a strong female lead and fantasy and great secondary characters and dark magic and assassins and and... When is book 2 out? I all ready have the paper back in my list of preorders for next year because I want to have it in a form other than audio. Judging by hardcover prices, I likely will do book 2 by audio as well. It was just so good!

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Holter Graham - I was leery about doing this one on audio because it can be hard to keep track of fantasy story-lines when you are listening instead of reading. I still find something taking my attention away from audios and missing parts here and there. (One of those things is talking to me as I am attempting to write this post...) But, Graham did a great job narrating and I found myself getting into the story no issue. I hope they

6. | Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel ~ This book got a lot of buzz when it first came out so I grabbed a copy on audio because you know me and science-fiction and fantasy. I have to be honest. I am not sure if the story itself would have wowed me so much if I had read it. It was good and I am curious to see what happens next. Plus, I enjoy books written in letters, blog posts, etc. So, it should be a 'me' book all things considered. I plan to reread it before the sequel comes out and we will see what happens.

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Full Cast - And, see, it was the audio that I loved. I thought it was so well done and you could really get into the events with it. I think that it is definitely my favourite audio performance of the year so far. It just captured the story so well, and probably worked so well because there were different people narrating each character and the novel is epistolary form so it worked really well. I definitely plan to do the sequel on audio!

7. | To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey ~ I owned The Snow Child in hardcover forever and only got around to it last year because I did the audio. I decided that since that worked so well, I would do this one in audio as well. Part of me regrets that because I loved this book to the point it will make my top ten for the year likely and because I missed out on the pictures. Part of me finished this and wanted to rush out a grab a physical copy, but I am making myself wait. (Maybe Christmas). It was a good historical fiction novel that included a young woman that was a photographer. Plus, there was adventure and a bit of the supernatural.

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by John Glouchevitch, Christine Lakin, and Kiff Vandenheuvel - When I said above that I almost regretted doing this audio, it was not because the audio wasn't good. (If it wasn't good, it wouldn't be on this list!) It was just that it is one of those books I regret not being able to see. But, the audio was really well done and I really enjoyed it!

8. | The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R. Carey ~ When I got this on audio I had no idea what this book was even about. There was buzz, it was good buzz, and I needed an audio. So, imagine my surprise when I started it and found it was about zombies. I had no idea! It was really good, though. Definitely worth all the buzz surrounding it!

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Finty Williams - The narration on this one was great. It really fit the story and all the different characters. I definitely want to check Williams out again. Hopefully she is the narrator for Carey's new book that I have on my wish list, but haven't got a chance to get to yet. Hopefully this fall!

9. | The Cutting Season by Attica Locke ~ I have heard about Attica Locke a lot over the years, but just never got around to reading her. When I had a spare Audible credit, I decided it was finally time and most people seem to really enjoy this one. Locke is a great, suspenseful author that I really enjoyed! The mystery had historical backgrounds to it which I also really enjoy. I definitely plan to read more from Locke!

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Quincy Tyler Bernstine - I really like the soft spoken narration of this one. It fit the characters really well, I thought. She could overcome it for the more exciting parts which seemed to make them that much more exciting! Definitely a narrator I want to check out again!

10. | The Rook by Daniel O'Malley ~ I have heard a lot of good things about this book, but I honestly had no idea what it was about when I grabbed a copy. The story of a supernatural society and a very structured society to keep them all in line. It is definitely a page turner and I am really excited to see what the sequel is all about!

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Susan Duerden - Duerden does a great job telling this story. The novel includes letters which I think the narrator does a great job for. Plus, she handles all the different characters really well and makes you very invested in the story. Another great narrator I would like to listen to more from.

11. | The Minaturist by Jessie Burton ~ I wanted to read this book forever. I had the audio from a sale probably a couple years ago... I decided it was finally time to see what all the buzz was about. I really enjoy historical fiction, but I don't read nearly as much of it as I used to. I decided this would be the book to break me out of that. (Still haven't read that much historical fiction this year...) I really enjoyed the story and the sort of magical elements interwoven in a very bleak historical landscape. I am so glad I finally got around to this!

Thoughts on the Audio: Narrated by Davina Porter - I am really glad I went the audio route for this book because I really enjoyed Porter's narration. It is just to bad this audio laid around unread for so long before I got a chance to get to it! (I am trying to be better about that...) She really made the stories and characters come alive and I hope they get her back if they ever release an audio of Porter's new book!